Monday, July 20, 2015

Moon Guardian

"Moon Guardian"
acrylic on birch panel
8 x 10 inches framed to 12 x 14 inches
Available HERE

Here's my painting, "Moon Guardian" for "Celestial", opening July 18th at Alexi Era Gallery.

The show features a lovely lineup of pieces inspired by the ever-inspiring stars.

My ghostly white fox spirit lovingly wraps it's many tails around the moon, the planets keeping company nearby.  The two constellations near the fox are Pieces and Leo; my own two astrological signs.

I was very honored to contribute a piece to this show, as I am always so inspired by the universe, stars and night sky.

Friday, July 17, 2015

Wild Spirit

"Wild Spirit"
acrylic on deep cradled birch panel
12 x 18 inches, unframed
Available HERE

Here's my painting, "Wild Spirit" for Gristle Gallery's "Libertine" show, opening Saturday, July 18th in Brooklyn.

I was greatly inspired by the definition of a Libertine; a being unrestrained by moral, religious and sexual boundaries.  I wanted to portray such a being; a fearless spirit that exists outside of the realm of the more timid creatures.
I chose lisianthus flowers to place amongst them as their meaning in Floriography (the Victorian era language of flowers) is "showy".

Moonlight Fawn


Here's my little 5 x 7 inch "Moonlight Fawn" drawing, available HERE on my webstore.
It's the first of what I hope to be several small, affordable drawings available directly through me.