Saturday, April 30, 2011

Interview and Etsy!

SO, I was interviewed for Daily DuJour, and the interview can be found here.

AND, I finally got around to starting an Etsy shop. It can be found here.

More items to come soon! I plan on selling new small drawings as well as paintings, and hopefully figure out a great way to sell affordable prints too.

In other news, it's Walpurgisnacht tonight! Justin and I are celebrating with a bonfire, whiskey, beer and great music!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Duell Av Svik

"Duell Av Svik (Duel of Deceit)"
acrylic on wood panel
11 x 14 inches, framed

(with frame)


Here's my finished painting called "Duell Av Svik", or "Duel of Deceit".
The painting features my newly favorite type of bird; the white-tailed kite, a skull and Asiatic lilies which signify "You Will Not Deceive Me" in the Victorian flower language.
This painting will be included in the Skeleton Key show for the Swoon Gallery, seen below.

Swoon Gallery's website is here.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

In Progress...

Almost done! Will be finishing it up very soon and then attempting to put a gloss finish on it for the first time.
It will be new and weird for me not to have a matte finish on a painting!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Welcome to the Doll Haus!

"Den Brutale Dans (The Brutal Dance)"
acrylic on wooden dolls

That's my finished piece for the "Doll Haus" show at Rothick Art Haus that's tonight and a couple progress shots underneath.
The barn owl sits upon a cat skull, the crow upon a kitten skull, and the black one is the creepy, evil-looking parrot skull.

I would have posted the finished piece sooner, but I lost my pictures when the laptop crashed last week. It was pretty scary, but my husband brought it back from the abyss.

Check out the show if you're in Orange County, there looks to be many interesting pieces. I, on the other hand, have apparently either pinched a nerve or pulled a muscle in my neck/back while lifting weights at the gym this morning, so I'll be here at home, hopped up on Ibuprofen and beer.