Sunday, February 22, 2015

New Works In Progress

Here's some sneak peeks of a few of the pieces I've been working on...

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I've been posting a lot less on here, but I'm quietly progressing my most favorite paintings that I've made in a long time.

For this new year I've really wanted to slow down and make each painting the absolute best I can, so I'm refining both my technique and the narrative that the pieces share.  These paintings share the common environment of a post apocalyptic, human-less world populated by ghost animals and their own figment creatures.  Human skulls and bones are the only reminder of the "Up-rights" as the creatures utilize occult methods of divination and floral symbolism.

The scenes I'm creating in this series are also very personal metaphors; they have to do with overcoming loss, doubt and personal demons and surviving to become even stronger than ever previously thought possible.  Stylistically they combine elements that have been the crux of my visual passions since childhood; sweet simplicity and occult themes.