Monday, August 29, 2011

Work in Progress: Cinderella's Doves

Here's my progress so far on my latest 11 x 14 inch painting which depicts Cinderella's doves from the Grimm's Brothers' fairy tale.

Apparently in the original story as told by the Brothers Grimm, Cinderella wept upon her mother's grave, and up from the tears grew a tree, and in the tree were these doves. And when Cinderella finally married her prince, the doves took revenge on the two evil stepsisters for their cruelty and gouged their eyes out, leaving them blind.

Of course I took it a little farther in this painting, being the sick person that I am, since I was so inspired by these doves.

This painting will be included in an October show which I'm very excited about and will reveal more details about very soon.

Anyway, back to painting. Oh yeah and by the way, this is my first painting with BLOODS in it.