Wednesday, March 30, 2011

April Showers Art

"Regnet er Livet (The Rain is The Life)"
acrylic on board
8 x 10 inches, framed
inquiries: corylou311(at)yahoo(dot)com

"Tårer Som Regn (Tears Like Rain)"
acrylic on board
8 x 10 inches, framed
inquiries: corylou311(at)yahoo(dot)com

"Ende å Begynne (End to Begin)"
acrylic on board
8 x 10 inches, framed

Here's my pieces for the April Showers show this Saturday at Columbus Ohio's Rivet Gallery!
The show will be two other ladies' work and mine, and it's rain/spring/birdie- themed.

The theme of this show was right up my alley, being a bird-nerd and all. Spring is such a fantastic time of year for me because along with it being around the time of my birthday (my favorite holiday of the year), it's the time when I get to see the first appearances of one of my favorite birdies; the robin!

I sure do love me some robins; they hop around the yard together and look around completely in sync with each other. I like to think of them as adorable spies, or cuddly Big Brothers, watching the happenings in our yard.

And on top of that, they love our windowsills, so I've been lucky enough to get to watch them build their nests right up close. It's amazing to see the mamas construct the nests; they use their chests to form them out of sticks and they make a funny sound when doing so. I actually have a video I took of one from last year, I'll have to figure out how to post it on here sometime. My daughter-cat Moogle (whose 5th birthday is tomorrow!) is also a big fan of them.

I also got to see the beautiful blue eggs that they lay hatch into squeaking little adorable alien-like babies! I love watching them follow the moms around the yard too once they are able to leave the nest, and cry for worms incessantly. So cute.

Anyways, enough of my robin talk. I wanted these paintings to have a sense of life springing from death, hence the cat skulls relationship to the new robins. I think it's a nice idea, the whole, "One door closes, another opens" thing.

And isn't that what spring is about?

I'm not sure yet, but I might try to scrape together enough $ for a hotel room and drive to Columbus for the opening with my husband, Justin. Mapquest tells me that Columbus is only five hours away, so if you go on Saturday, I might just see you there!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

April Showers

Woo! It's almost time for my 3 person show at Columbus Ohio's Rivet Gallery!

I'll have 3 pieces in this show which is themed on rain, umbrellas, and such.

I think my paintings add a nice, morbid touch to the other ladies' pretty works.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

The 40 oz Show is Tonight!

Here's the original painting I did for the design

These are the labels I designed

And these are how they look on the bottles!
Satan says, "Enjoy!