Sunday, November 29, 2015

We Are One

"We Are One"
Inspired by The Last Unicorn
acrylic on birch panel
8 x 10 inches, framed 
For "Crazy 4 Cult 9" at Gallery 1988
available HERE

This is my piece for this year's Crazy 4 Cult, called "We Are One".
I was very excited to be able to pay tribute to a movie that is one of my biggest inspirations since I was a child, "The Last Unicorn".

I wanted to show how the opposing forces of the unicorn and the red bull are like light and shadow; that they cannot exist without each other.  
The lavender roses represent rarity and the pink grace and beauty.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Consecrating the Talisman

"Consecrating the Talisman"
acrylic on birch panel
4.75 x 4.75 inches framed to 7.5 x 7.5 inches
For "Little Big" at Haven Gallery or 631.757.0500 for purchase inquiries

Here's my little painting for "Little Big" at the new Haven Gallery.  The show boasts a fantastic lineup of artists creating small works of art, 8 inches and tinier.

For my piece I wanted to concentrate on the concept of consecrating a talisman; the act of making an object sacred, and charging it with power.  I also wanted to touch upon the idea of secrets, and the mysteries hidden from view, especially those secrets we keep from ourselves in our own minds.

I was able to attend the opening reception!
Here's me with my little fox, who was in great company with all the lovely works.  To the right of my painting is "Sentinel" by Michael Ramstead, behind my head is Lea Barozzi, and to the left of that is Kindra Nikole and "In The West" by Kaspian Shore.

Here's a great shot courtesy of the gallery photographer of the owners, and several of us that have work in the show.  Starting on the right are owners Erica Berkowitz and Joseph Weinreb, Janet A Cook, Erich J. Moffitt, Jean Pierre Arboleda, Hannah Faith Yata and myself.