Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Cinderella's Doves

"Cinderella's Doves"
acrylic on birch panel
11 x 14 inches

Like I said before, in the original story of Cinderella as told by the Brothers Grimm, Cinderella wept upon her mother's grave, and up from the tears grew a tree, and in the tree were these doves. And when Cinderella finally married her prince, the doves took revenge on the two evil stepsisters for their cruelty and gouged their eyes out, leaving them blind.

Also, I added lavender to rest in the sister's eye sockets, which in Victorian flower language represents devotion.  As in, the doves' devotion to Cinderella.  

I'm very excited for this show and am painting furiously, like I've never painted before, to get these pieces finished for the show.

This theme is one I came up with in cooperation with the fantastic owners of the gallery, and it's one that I feel suits my work very well.  These stories are both brutal and beautiful, which is how I like to describe my own style of work.

The title, "Grimm Tales" obviously refers the Brothers Grimm, but I also wanted "grim" to reference the metal phrase "That's grim".  So there's my musical influence again.  

By the way, I've been very inspired by the music of Dimmu Borgir and Amon Amarth for these pieces (they keep me going!)

More to come very soon!

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