Saturday, May 28, 2011

Baby Robins!

As you can see, the Momma Robin decided to make a nest under our awning in the backyard. Every year the robins attempt this nesting place. but this is the first time I've seen them actually succeed! It's perfect because it's out of the rain and safe from the hawks, and I get to see them without upsetting the Mom too much. Here she is on the nest.

Here they are as newborns! They're just widdle pink tiny hungries. Their eyes aren't open yet.

"Maaaaa! We want foods!!!"

Passed out on the nest, exhausted from begging for worms. They get a little more fuzz on their heads every day, and get less pink and more black.

They got a lot bigger! Their eyes are open and they're starting to look like juvenile robins!

Cramped and smushed in the nest as they get bigger.

This brave one is thinking about leaving the nest.

He made it onto the fire pit! And, like all babies, starts pooping uncontrollably on everything.

The brave cutie pie!

The others watch from the nest, all snugged up.

The one who made a break for it.

The other three snuggle in together and wait for mom to come back with more wormies.

"You're sitting on my head!"

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