Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Charming (The Spirits)

"Charming (The Spirits)"
acrylic on birch panel
18 x 24 inches, framed

In this piece, a young fox wears the Seal of Merbeulis talisman, which is used for captivating and controlling all those they encounter. It is best suited for rituals and spells that involve charming others. This amulet enables the wearer to be more charming and charismatic, enhancing their attraction energies.
Here, the fox is conjuring, or charming the spirits of several departed animals; a peacock, a raven, a mourning dove and a fawn. Around him are red roses symbolizing charm, and foam flowers which mean “attractive” in Victorian Flower Language, or Floriography.

This painting will be included in my solo show, Talisman, opening this Saturday, August 11th from 6-10PM at San Francisco's Modern Eden Gallery

403 Francisco St
San Francisco, California

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